Nece's Gluten Free Bistro & Pantry

“Our Mission ... Nece’s Gluten Free Bistro & Pantry is dedicated to providing a variety of high quality GF products at affordable prices.”

7 years in the making... 

Being a gluten free mom is difficult, especially when the only one in the house having to eat a special diet is you. What makes it even harder is the fact that it's hard to dine out with a gluten free (GF) allergy. 

Cross-contamination, most restaurants' staff often lacking the knowledge of what gluten-free is, and the high cost of paying for GF food when you find it can make the most inspirational person discouraged. That is exactly what led me to begin my own GF food creative journey.

The story of Nece's GF Bistro & Pantry 

After staying at a friend’s ( who 7 years, who was also going gluten free) I realized that it was time for a change. It was time for there to be a gluten free alternative out there that was TASTY, DELICIOUS, and HARD TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE! So it was time to hit the books and start from scratch!

Homemade goodness you can taste!!

With lots of experimenting and critiques, I have a solution: a gluten free bistro and pantry on California's Central Coast to give people a GF alternative. 

There are dozens of people out there who need this and I'm excited that I can help bring it to life. 

I believe you can eat gluten free and delicious... at the same time. Not only that, people allergic and intolerant to gluten should be able to have a comfortable place that caters to their needs specifically.

Great tasting food, fresh meals and grocer products to purchase... all under one roof. I exist to make this a reality and hope you can join my journey. 

- Sharque Starr, Founder & Owner

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My Family and the reason for pursuing my dreams against all odds!

My Family and the reason for pursuing my dreams against all odds!


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We are currently in the process of raising funds for commercial kitchen space.




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